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Herring Salad Canapé “Matje”

Chop the herring fillet in small pieces. Grate the eggs on a small-hole grater. Cut the peeled apple without its core in small pieces. Chop the onion in small pieces. Put the ingredients in a bowl and add some dills, lemon pepper and cream, mix it well. Place the salad in a fridge for a few hours. Put a tablespoon of salad and a half of a cherry tomato on a cracker an hour before serving.

Stuffed tomatoes with fresh salted mackerel “Aromatic”
Ingredients: Cut the top section of tomatoes, carefully remove their pulp, and mix it well together with finely cut fish, cucumbers and onions. Add some mayonnaise to the mixture. Add some salt to tomatoes and fill them up with the obtained mixture, place on a plate, pour them over with the remaining mayonnaise, and decorate with greens.

Chopped salmon salad “The Prince”
Ingredients: Peel the tangerines, cut the tangerine parts in pieces. Cut the salmon filler in small pieces. Cut olives in halves, grate some cheese. Separate the yolk and egg-white from the hen eggs and grate it. Cut the parsleys in small pieces. Place a ring on a flat plate for decoration of layered salad. One fourth of all ingredients cut will be needed for every portion of your salad. Ingredients should be placed as follows: first layer from egg-whites, then add a tablespoon of mayonnaise and a layer of the yolk, the second – some pieces of salmon, the third layer – the layer of olives and tangerines. Add a full or half spoon of mayonnaise as you taste it, and place a layer of cheese. Remove the ring, decorate it with some quail eggs and pieces of salmon. The remaining ingredients will last for 3 more portions.